Thanks for playing


Try to reach the beginning of the game with the ultimate score of 0 !

Thanks for a playing by :
– Ian Ardouin Fumat (did most of the artistic part)
– Alexis Moroz (did most of the GD part)
– Alain Puget (did most of the dev stuff)

“Thanks for playing” is not an Alkemi game, it is the product of a 48h game jam which took place in Nantes during the Utopiales 2012 (a sci-fi convention).

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Nearly Ripped off to death by a publisher ? Get better by yourself and wait for justice (Maybe)

Let me tell you the story of a publisher ignoring a signed deal, how a German court of Justice decided it was apparently ok to do so, and nearly caused our undoing.


I’ve reached a point where I don’t understand how it’s possible to commit to a publishing deal for small studios. How could it be reasonable when what’s happening to us, well… CAN just happen. Honestly there’s not even something really specific to the gaming industry in this, so I’m wondering how international trade can even work.

If you’re not familiar with our situation, I’ll start with a brief summary: Alkemi is small indie studio founded in 2009. In 2012, on the 11th of september (definitely not a good omen), our first game Transcripted was released on Steam. Never heard of it ? Well, I guess I’ll have to thank the PR department of our publisher. But I have so much more to ‘thank’ them for… We weren’t too happy about the absence of visible work on the game release but it was nothing compared to the fact of losing our game entirely. Continue reading

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