Thanks for playing


Try to reach the beginning of the game with the ultimate score of 0 !

Thanks for a playing by :
– Ian Ardouin Fumat (did most of the artistic part)
– Alexis Moroz (did most of the GD part)
– Alain Puget (did most of the dev stuff)

“Thanks for playing” is not an Alkemi game, it is the product of a 48h game jam which took place in Nantes during the Utopiales 2012 (a sci-fi convention).

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Transcripted is back. Right. Now!

It’s done Transcripted is back on Steam. Don’t be fooled by our previous “august 31″ date, since it’s not a real release, we had no way to know exactly when the store page would be available… and it is now.


After 4 years of absence, 3 years of useless trials against Topware for ripping us off, we finally took the time to re-fit the game and put it back on Steam. So it’s here, it’s official : you can finally buy our game and maybe we will earn our very first sales. Even better : during the start of 2017, Transcripted should be released on all major consoles with the help of our friend at Plugin In Digital.

Ho, it’s more symbolic than anything else on PC. I know a four years old game like Transcripted, even if we think it’s still quite unique, won’t pay for its production. It will most likely not even reimburse our legal expenses against Topware during these last 3 years! We decreased the base price from 15 to 8 euros and we already have people asking if we intend to have sales to celebrate * the come back of the game ^^’

*guess the answer by reading this.

If you want to support us and the development of Drifting Lands, you can do this by buying Transcripted or even talking about it around you! Even making a bit of noise around it means a great deal to us, because we really do need more visibility. Outside of France, nearly no one knows about us or our games.

One last thing : if you have found Transcripted cheaper elsewhere, be warned that these are ALL illegal copies of the game still sold by Topware. Right now, Steam is the ONLY way to buy Transcripted legally. Please, please, unless you really don’t like us, use a torrent version of our game rather than paying money to scums like Topware or parasites like G2A. We would prefer if you bought the game but eh…


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