Thanks for playing


Try to reach the beginning of the game with the ultimate score of 0 !

Thanks for a playing by :
– Ian Ardouin Fumat (did most of the artistic part)
– Alexis Moroz (did most of the GD part)
– Alain Puget (did most of the dev stuff)

“Thanks for playing” is not an Alkemi game, it is the product of a 48h game jam which took place in Nantes during the Utopiales 2012 (a sci-fi convention).

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Drifting Lands roadmap update

link to french version

Since last september and the first public demo of Drifting Lands, we’ve kept adding content to the alpha version. Not as much as we would have liked, but behind the scene a lot have been done too and we’ve got a pretty solide base. Until now, we’ve kept a pretty low profile with the game. The main reason is we didn’t want to create too much interest around a demo version which was definitely not representative of the full game we had in mind. Right now the alpha looks like ‘just’ a shmup. Ok, it’s fine looking (at least I┬áhope), it’s got original features like the skill system, but the hack & slash / RPG evolution part is completely absent.


In the coming months, we’re gonna need a lot more awareness around our project than what we’ve already got. At least just to confirm we’re not going in the wrong direction, and decide how far we’re gonna go, how big this game can reasonably be! We need at least a bit of this RPG system, a hint of this evolution you’ll go through when you’ll play the real thing. And that’s what we’re doing right now for the next update. Continue reading

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