Thanks for playing


Try to reach the beginning of the game with the ultimate score of 0 !

Thanks for a playing by :
- Ian Ardouin Fumat (did most of the artistic part)
- Alexis Moroz (did most of the GD part)
- Alain Puget (did most of the dev stuff)

“Thanks for playing” is not an Alkemi game, it is the product of a 48h game jam which took place in Nantes during the Utopiales 2012 (a sci-fi convention).

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A Game of Tricks III – Particles fun (part1)

One of the first tool we developed for Drifting Lands was a brand new FX / particle system. The artistic direction of the game is headed toward a very graphic and stylized rendering and we do love traditional animation ! Here’s a sample of particle FXs in the current alpha version. Each of these effects requires from 3 to 20 or 30 particles max.

For Transcripted, we had used our Flash-like MovieClip system but it had a major flaw I didn’t want in the way this time : to have ‘long’ and smoothly animated FX we had to create a big array of bitmap frames and store them in atlases or spritesheets. Though we had total control over the animation, it was requiring a large amount of RAM and VRAM to store the image sequence if the FX was a bit too large.

a spritesheet for one of Transcripted FX

See this modest organic explosion effect above ? We’ll it’s kind of the only one used throughout all of Transcripted because it’s already taking way too much texture space for what it’s worth ;)

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