Thanks for playing


Try to reach the beginning of the game with the ultimate score of 0 !

Thanks for a playing by :
– Ian Ardouin Fumat (did most of the artistic part)
– Alexis Moroz (did most of the GD part)
– Alain Puget (did most of the dev stuff)

“Thanks for playing” is not an Alkemi game, it is the product of a 48h game jam which took place in Nantes during the Utopiales 2012 (a sci-fi convention).

Recent Posts

Alkemi FX presentation (during the Unity Meetup in Paris)

If you want to find my open office slides about our FX system it’s here
If you want to find the assets of the Unity 4.6 project used during the presentation it’s here


And if you want a maybe more detailed explanation and source for our flash tool to create animation textures, you can go back to the 2 tutorials we’ve posted earlier :

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